How Much Does It Cost To Keep a Pet in Singapore

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

How much it costs to keep a pet in Singapore depends on the type of animal. Generally, you should expect to spend money on adoption, healthcare, food, and entertainment while enjoying the companionship of your pet. This costs can be high per year, which is why you should consider pet insurance while living in Singapore.

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How much does it cost to adopt a pet in Singapore?

Pets are great for companionship and emotional support. If you want this benefit from them, you have to know how much it costs to adopt them. How much you pay to own a pet will depend on the type of pet you want.

The cost of buying a dog from a pet store in Singapore is around S$2500. Cats are less expensive to buy and it will only cost you at most S$800 to own one. A small pet like a hamster, guinea pig, or rabbit can cost you around S$300 from a pet store.

Also, the type of pet you adopt will depend on how much space you have. If you live in a suburban home with an own-compound, you can own a cat, dog, or both. If you live in a studio apartment or single-unit homes, a small pet would be best.

How much does dog food cost in Singapore?

How much you spend on food will depend on the quality of food and size of the pet. Store-bought dry kibble is cheaper and readily available for your pet. If you choose to go for raw or wet foods, then the cost can be more.

The cost of dog food is around S$7 for a pack of kibble. High-quality dog food should cost around S$15 for a 1kg pack. If you opt to keep a cat, expect to spend around S$2 for an 80g can of wet food. For small pets, it should cost around S$6.6 for a KG of food.

How much does pet healthcare cost in Singapore?

On average, the cost of canine healthcare in Singapore is around S$ 1266. This caters for diagnosis and checkups, sterilization, dental scaling, kennel cough, vaccines, and microchipping. The cost of healthcare for a cat is S$ 671. It includes checkups, vaccinations, dental scaling, sterilization, and microchipping.

Small pets have less health care demands compared to cats and dogs. Medical expenses for small pets is around S$305. This caters for sterilization and general checkups.

Why you should consider insurance for your pet in Singapore

As you can see, living with a pet in Singapore is costly. The cost of healthcare alone will drain your pockets fast unless you get health insurance for your pet. Insurance companies like Prestige Pet’s Insurance offer affordable packages for pet owners.

Here is a summary of what Prestige Pet’s Insurance in Singapore caters for;

Final Word

Getting pet insurance in Singapore reduces the cost of caring for your pet. For as little as S$350 a year, you can enjoy the companionship of your pet and never worry about pet health expenses.

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